Dust to bones the story Iíve been told
My eyes tell me that the truths not being told
But what if all I see is just a lie
A storybook created by an egotistic mind

Right or wrong I am not alone
The truth is no one will ever know

Rusted soul the water takes itís toll
Promises of happiness and life beyond the hold
What if all to be is just this life
Protect yourself from fear of death
It seems a waste of time

Youíre all wrong
All Wrong
Youíre all wrong
Weíre all wrong
Never a blue sky for you but your reflection brings me light
You make it all so easy - You make it all so black and white
Through the ebb and flow - The changing of the tides
You've always been there - You're my angel your my moon

Through the cloudy haze of night - You illuminate my sky
Like an owl in silent flight - Mysterious yet so sublime
The yin to my ever dying yang - The final piece to an endless game
Above the clouds you will always hang - Your glowing eye sets me aflame

Through the ebb and flow -The cycle of our lives
You've always been there -You're my angel your my moon

Where have you gone my love tonight -Have you ran away to hide
Can you hear my desperate cry......Moon........
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