Dust to bones the story Iíve been told
My eyes tell me that the truths not being told
But what if all I see is just a lie
A storybook created by an egotistic mind

Right or wrong I am not alone
The truth is no one will ever know

Rusted soul the water takes itís toll
Promises of happiness and life beyond the hold
What if all to be is just this life
Protect yourself from fear of death
It seems a waste of time

Youíre all wrong
All Wrong
Youíre all wrong
Weíre all wrong
From stone to sand, I feel it all sifting through my hands.
Worn to bone, nothing left just a skeleton.
Bottoms up and cut me down to size. - Drag me out and wash me in the tide.
Give me life now no I don't wanna die....Low tide

Alone and scared you build a wall and wilt away inside. - Feel ashamed you lie awake can't fall asleep at night.
Never change your ways for fear of what they'll say outside. - Rearrange the game to stay away from too much fright.
Bottoms up and cut me down to size -Drag me out and take me for a ride.
Give me life now I don't wanna die. - Washed away in the low tide.

Can not maintain the pain the rain is welling in your eyes. - Pleasure came back down the drain swallowing the light.
Playing blame insane it's you that's done this to your life. - Missing sane tired and drained thoughts of the other side.

Pick me up and bathe me in the light. - Drive it down and bleed me dry.
Take my life I'm ready to die. - Washed away in the low tide
Low Tide
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