Dust to bones the story I’ve been told
My eyes tell me that the truths not being told
But what if all I see is just a lie
A storybook created by an egotistic mind

Right or wrong I am not alone
The truth is no one will ever know

Rusted soul the water takes it’s toll
Promises of happiness and life beyond the hold
What if all to be is just this life
Protect yourself from fear of death
It seems a waste of time

You’re all wrong
All Wrong
You’re all wrong
We’re all wrong
Ya beg and plead until your blue - But they’ll never ever believe you
So you see know here’s the deal - Your sentence is life with no change for appeal

What would you do -When you know
Could you let go - Caught in limbo

So you figured out a plan - Your weapon of choice the sharpened contraband
Now’s the time and here’s the place -To find out if you’ve got exactly what it takes

What would you do - When you know
Could you let go - Caught in limbo
Oh no don’t let go - don’t go

If there’s one thing you can not forget
This may be the only chance you get
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